Save Our Neighborhood Stores (SONS) had a poll conducted by Princeton Research Associates of 550 frequent voters from across the state.

The poll results revealed there is overwhelming opposition to the expansion of the Massachusetts State Lottery to the internet.

80% of Massachusetts residents think there is enough access to the lottery.

There is very little support to expand the lottery

80% of Massachusetts residents do not support expanding the Massachusetts State Lottery to the internet.

Today only 12% support expanding the State’s lottery to the internet.

Of those that support expansion, 71% would no longer support expanding the lottery at all if it would have a negative impact on their neighborhood store.

95% of Massachusetts residents think retail businesses are important to the State’s economy.

65% of Massachusetts residents think stores are more capable of protecting kids.

Today, respondents think the current lottery system, which requires brick-and-mortar retailers to check the identification of players to verify their age, is the safest way to protect children by a margin of 3-1, 65% to 20%.

90% of Massachusetts residents do not support allowing people to pay for internet lottery games with their credit card or by direct electronic transfers from a bank account.

As far as allowing people to pay with credit cards or bank accounts there is almost no support, 3%.