Why Protect Main Street Retailers

Thanks to a network of over 7,500 local businesses, the Massachusetts State Lottery is the number one lottery in the world in per capita sales.

Most lottery agents in Massachusetts are brick-and-mortar small businesses. These are the convenience stores, corner stores, gas stations, supermarkets and package stores in your neighborhoods and the employees who work hard to ensure that lottery ticket sales are made securely and safely. In person lottery sales remain the best way to enforce consumer protections, such as age restrictions. Lottery agent store owners and staff go through specific training and have software in place for assisting with the enforcement of ID checks required by state law.

Lottery retailers have provided the lottery with visible, effective, and ongoing support. In fact, the State Lottery reported in July of last year that it has its fifth straight year of record-breaking profits, earning an estimated $986.9 million (1 million higher than the record of $985.9 million the year prior).

Despite these successes, lottery agent commission rates have not increased in over 40 years. Lottery retailers in Massachusetts are struggling due to increased labor costs, health care costs, energy costs, tobacco taxes and the presence of casinos. The cost of doing business as a lottery retailer in Massachusetts has increased each year, without equal compensation for sales. To add insult to injury, online lottery ticket sales would greatly decrease foot traffic to stores, further hurting lottery sales for these agents. An online lottery would only further hurt the small businesses, leading to a loss in excise tax revenue for communities.

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it at the expense of local neighborhood stores.

  • Over the last 45 years, Massachusetts has grown to become one of the most successful lotteries in the world
  • With over $5.01 billion in sales in FY 2015, the Lottery achieved its 4th consecutive record setting sales year surpassing the $5 billion mark for the first time ever
  • Instant tickets continue to be the most popular and successful Lottery product, accounting for approximately, 70 percent of total sales
  • Today, there are 3 in-state draw games, 2 multi-state jackpot games, 2 monitor based games, and approximately 82 instant tickets